Mirror Coating keep peeling off from your lens ?

 Mirror coating is beautiful when it is on cool sunglasses.

 You can also add characteristics to your lens to filter or enhance some colors.
 However, mirror coating peels off after a while...

 Sunglasses look ugly if it's happened. It keeps peeling off wider and wider, day by day.

 We have a solution, INNER MIRROR.


Why Mirror keeps Peel off ?

Ussualy, Mirror coated lenses will not last long, because mirror coating peels off from lens very easily.

Here is why the Mirror coating easily peels off.

The Mirror coating which is used for lenses are layers of several Metals and Glass.
The thickness of Mirror coating is roughly around 80nm to 150nm.

150nm is equal to 0.00015mm. The human eye can identify 0.05mm at most. Downy hair of baby is 0.04mm, but it can be seen, becaue it is long and shine.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you that Mirror coating is Ultra Thin.
Think about what will be happen below cases.
If something hit Mirror coatnig by accident?
Rub with cloth which has tiny dust on?
Yes, you will break Mirror coating badly like above drawing...
But it may not be able to see in the bigginning, because the sctratch might be too small. However, the process of peeling off is already started.
What happened next?
The water or humid got into scratches and spread between Mirror coating and Lens surface. It removes Mirror coating from lens.
This is why your miror coat keeps peel off from lens.
Mirror will peel off little by little, day by day.
When it becomes big enough, it will peel off wider and faster.
Just One Solution, INNER MIRROR.