Laminating lenses, What's so special ?

 We can laminate Mineral lenses.
 To learn more about developping Mineral lens, please check HERE .
 Laminating is very popular method in order to produce Mineral Polarized lenses.
 We also using this way.
 Nothing special...

24K Precious Gold INNER MIRROR

 For CR, laminating will be a different story.
 We do not know the company making CR lenses with laminating.
 It is very difficult to make and costly, becuase we have to use 4 pieces of very thin CR lenses to make a pair of CR laminated lens.
 First of all, INNER MIRROR is one reason why we laminate lenses.
 If you are not checking our INNER MIRROR yet, please visit HERE.


 By using two lenses, each lens can be tinted easily for CR.
 It gives you to play with more colors. This is second reason why we laminate.
 For Example, tint PINKY BROWN for convex lens, and MOSS GREEN for concave lens and laminate. It become DARK BROWN lens. Then cut off both sides of lenses according to a designer...
You are not just choosing color of lenses, but you design lens also like frames. 

NENDO x CAMPER  in 2014