What is GENUINE ?


 Some glass melting factories use COLOR COATS to put colors to mineral lenses...

 However, it is not genuine color of mineral lens. Coating is the easiest way to put various colors on.
 The true method is to add minerals and metals (sometime Rare Metals) into melted glass, and achieve very unique characteristic and genuine colors. This is why Glass lenses are called Mineral lenses.
 Controlling color of melted glass is very tough and require skillful workers.
 The genuine color of mineral lens never be COATED by coating machine, but must be DEVELOPED by contained minerals and metals.
 In our opinion, this is the best part of producing Mineral lenses.

 When melted glass made in genuine, it will peform FOREVER.

Create Exclusive Mineral Lens


 As we have mentioned, the best part of creating Mineral lens is to think what color you want and what kind of characteristic you add into lenses.
 For example, you can create Mineral lenses with Enhancing colors. Imagine Blue enhancing for Marine, Green Enhancing for Golf, and Red Enhancing for Autum leaves. 
 You can think how your sunglasses will be used in activities or situations, and focus how your lenses should be worked.

 We can make original colored Genuine Mineral lenses from 1,000 pairs per color.

 It requires the cost of development, but we can create colors that you want. It will be exclusive for you.
 Normally, this will require huge quantity like 50,000+ pairs in big melting factory, if the factory is producing with genuine process.
 If you are interested this, please contact us for details.