1953   April

Founded by Yoshimi Inui.  Build First Factory in Imabayashi, Osaka

1953   April

Started as a polishing mineral lenses factory

1960   April

Build Second Factory in Tashima, Ikuno, Osaka

1971   August

Build Sabae Branch in Sabae-city, Fukui

1979   December

Registered FDA

1980   February

SUNCLOUD™ YELLOW Mineral lens innovated

1985   January

SUNCLOUD™ ROSE Mineral lens innovated

1988   June

Started Producing CR and Glass Polarized lenses - Laminated Lens starts

1991   July

INNER MIRROR lens innovated

2000   December

Yoshinori Inui became a president. Yoshimi Inui became a chairman.

2002   September

Start Producing tinted plastic lenses

2008   July

DILLON™  NIR lens innovated

2011   October

Achieve [ Eyewear of the uear in Sports & Sunglasses ] Grand-Prix in IOFT

2019   October

Achieve [ Good Design ] prize award from Japan Institute of Design Promotion

2021   July

SDGs Action start


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Look Well, Hear Well, and Love Well


 As a leading lens manufacturer in Japan, Inui Lens has missions to ease and protect people eyes.

 Our goal is to make people happier and healthier through using our lenses. Inui has over 65 years experience of dealing lenses for sunglasses. We have many friends and partners world-wide and keep walking toward to our goal.
 Inui has many special technologies and knowledges to build a better world. Hope you would join us.